Audition Call

Jesus Christ Superstar

First-Round Auditions April 18th OR 19th OR 21st

Callbacks April 23rd at 2 PM

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It seems especially fitting that the first rock opera, created as a concept album at the end of the turbulent ’60s, should have at its center a social and political rebel. Jesus’ meteor-like rise in renown provides, as the title suggests, a parallel to contemporary celebrity worship. As his radical teachings are evermore embraced, Judas increasingly questions the enlightened motives of this new prophet, resulting in betrayal. Christ’s final days are dramatized with emotional intensity, thought-provoking edge and explosive theatricality. And did you note that it’s a rock opera?  We intend to make the audience be thoughtful about the message and journey of Christ, while rocking the house with some great music! Please visit for a detailed description of auditions and our theater.

What are the roles available?

Mary Magdalene (Mezzo-Soprano, F3 – Eb5); Follower, caretaker; shunned by Judas
Jesus of Nazareth (Tenor, A2 – G5); At turns resigned, then angry. Questions his role.
Judas Iscariot (Tenor, D3 – D5); Loves Jesus but lives in the real world. Cynical.
King Herod (Tenor, C#3 – G4);  Sarcastic and dismissive.
Caiaphas (Bass, C#2 – F4);  Head Priest with a plan.
Peter (Baritone, A2 – G4); Denies he knows Christ.
Pontius Pilate (Bari-Tenor, A2 – B4);  Conflicted Roman.
Simon Zealotes (Tenor, G3 – B4); The ultimate fan.
Annas (Counter-Tenor, G2 – D5); Priest, Caiaphas’ right-hand man
Ensemble members portraying various characters such as Apostles, Merchants, Soldiers, Priests, Temple Ladies, Soul Girls, etc. (15 – 18 members, all ranges needed)

1st Round Audition Number Choices:  We will have the karaoke version at auditions for you


Vocal Range

Song Artist Target Range M/F Karaoke Link What to Prepare
G3-D5 Magic Man Heart Mezzo-Soprano F Karaoke Magic Man 0:00-1:00 ; 4:45-end (first verse/chorus, plus the tag at song’s end)
E3-E5 Black Velvet Alannah Myles Alto F Karaoke Black Velvet 1:12 – 3:45 (includes 16 count intro)
G3-C5 I’m the Only One Melissa Etheridge Alto F Karaoke I’m the Only One 0:00-1:30
E3-D5 Bring me Some Water Melissa Etheridge Alto F Karaoke Bring Me Some Water 1:19-end (incl 16 count into 2nd verse, bridge inst/imp, repeat chorus)
F#3-C#5 Brass in Pocket The Pretenders Alto F Karaoke Brass in Pocket 0:00-2:40
G3-C5 Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac Alto F Karaoke Rhiannon 1:45-end (vs/ch after break through end)
D3-A4 Walk On U2 Baritone M Karaoke Walk On 1:50-3:05 (2nd verse/chorus through bridge)
C3-F4 Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen Baritone M Karaoke Thunder Road 1:10-2:40
D3-A4 Light My Fire The Doors Baritone M Karaoke Light My Fire 5:25-end
G2-G3 Hurt Johnny Cash Bass M Karaoke Hurt 1:46-end (voc comes in at 2:00)
G2-C4 Mmm Mmm Mmm Crash Test Dummies Bass M Karaoke Mmm Mmm Mmm beginning to 2:05
A2-A4 House of the Rising Sun The Animals Bari-Tenor M Karaoke House of the Rising Sun 0:00-1:45 (basses may stay dropped to 8va,

but would like to see your range)

E2-A4 Sound of Silence Disturbed Bass-Tenor M Karaoke Sound of Silence 0:00-2:17
F3-Bb4 I Can’t Make You Love Me Bonnie Raitt Alto F Karaoke I Can’t Make You Love Me 0:00-2:05
G#3-E5 Piece of my Heart Janis Joplin Alto F Karaoke Piece of My Heart 0:00-2:30 (voc at :19)
B3-B4 Edge of Seventeen Stevie Nicks Mezzo-Soprano F Karaoke Edge of Seventeen 2:17-4:10 (coming in at chorus, through bridge)
G3-D5 Walking on Sunshine Katrina & the Waves Mezzo-Soprano F Karaoke Walking on Sunshine 0:00-2:20
C4-G5 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Diana Ross Soprano F Karaoke Ain’t No Mountain 4:25-end
F#3-C#5 Blue Bayou Linda Ronstadt Mezzo-Soprano F Karaoke Blue Bayou 0:00-1:30
A3-E5 I Say A Little Prayer Aretha Franklin Soprano F Karaoke I Say a Little Prayer 0:00-2:30
B3-C#5 Don’t Stop Believing Journey Tenor Both Karaoke Don’t Stop Believing 2:00-end
A3-Eb5 Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi Tenor Both Karaoke Living on a Prayer 1:55-end (2nd verse at 1:59 through key change at end)
C4-E5 Highway Star Deep Purple Tenor M Karaoke Highway Star 0:00-2:00
F3-G4 Smoke on the Water Deep Purple Baritone M Karaoke Smoke on the Water 0:34-2:45 (8 bars intro, 2Xs guitar pattern)
E3-E5 War Pigs Black Sabbath Tenor M Karaoke War Pigs 0:25-2:40
G3-C5 Carry on Wayward Son Kansas Tenor M Karaoke Carry On Wayward Son 1:15-2:05; 3:55-4:30 (first vs/chorus, bridge)
E3-G#5 Dream On Aerosmith Tenor M Karaoke Dream On 1:33-4:15 (incl 4 bar int to 2nd verse)
F#3-D5 Over the Hills and Far Away Led Zeppelin Tenor M Karaoke Over the Hills 0:45-2:30
Bb3-Bb5 Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Tenor M Karaoke Bohemian Rhapsody 1:00-1:55 ; 4:00-5:45
E3-E4 Locomotive Breath Jethro Tull Bass-Baritone M Karaoke Locomotive Breath 1:22-2:45
D3-E5 Kashmir Led Zeppelin Tenor M Karaoke Kashmir 3:20-5:25